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Reader responses on God in Thelema and Christianity

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

There were a few responses to the first post which was called “God in Thelema is not the morbid God of Christianity.” We include one comment here from a pastor and a response:

Pastor Tom the “revenator” wrote, “Truth can only be found when we realize that we are created beings. This makes us lower than God and we must always look up to Him, His way, His will and His authority. To think that a fallible lowly human being is god raises self to a level that in not achievable. We are so limited. We are not all knowing, all powerful or always present. Since your religion believes we are all god then there really isn’t a god because even a second god would eliminate a true god.”

The body & mind of the soul may be created things but the Soul in its purity is one with God. We need not look up to Him but look with even eyes… no, the same eyes! God ‘sent’ Jesus to show that God & Man are & can be One.

It is indeed achievable to be one in identity with Godhead, but only – as foreshadowed by Jesus’ own teachings – when one given up attachment to all things. All things being within my Body, I am omnipresent [all-pervasive]; All forces being within my Body, I am omnipotent [all-powerful]; All relations being within my Body, I am omniscient [all-knowledgeable]. This is spoken of in our own writings in places like Liber 418 & Liber Cheth.

In a sense there is no ‘second’ god but there are also Infinite Gods or infinite expressions of God. God is All, is in All, is express through All and each Soul has the potential to burst the sinful restriction-bar of separateness to become that All. Every man and every woman is a star and divinity is “above & in” each one of them.

Pastor Tom continuesWhat happens when your god thought opposes my god thought? The strongest god thought will survive. Do what you wilt has been eliminated by the stronger willt!”

Truly! I agree! Therefore one needs to be in harmony with the thoughts & movements of all things so that there is no opposition but a Unity of Motion.

And finally he writes, “Face it, the only way for man to survive is to voluntarily submit to the One True God and come back into right standing with Him through the One Way He has made for us to come. I know this sounds narrow to the broad way of everyone doing what they will but truth is a hard pill to swallow.”

I actually agree with you, except I know that man can merely ‘survive’ without God. We want more than that: For man (and woman!) to be expressions of beauty, strength, joy, and laughter through expressing their own Godhead, their natural birthright. The difference between us is what we believe constitutes ‘submitting to the One True God’ and who that ‘One True God’ is. As I’ve said, Thelema does not simply deny all things Christian but actually brings many of the ideas to fruition & perfection!

We do not interpret God as some Entity that responds to prayer-petitions so we have no need of proving ‘His’ existence – we are with you on all counts of denying the existence of that God. Frankly, I would not even like to use the term ‘God’ as it brings up all of those associations of the Paternal Man-in-the-Sky who created & judges the world. As it has been said: “The keystone to this arch some have called God, some Brahma, some Zeus, some Allah, some even IAO the God of the sounding name; but in truth, O seeker, it is Thy-SELF.”

We don’t “follow” anything but see truths revealed in Thelema. There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt. That is both a freedom from the incessant demands and dogmas of past religions & philosophies while simultaneously being a call to “Know Thyself” for you can’t Do what thou wilt if you don’t know who ‘thou’ really are. The Book of the Law reveals a simple & concise Law that has the solution to personal, social, sexual, emotional and spiritual freedom.

Your comments along with all others that have contributed to the conversation are much appreciated!

Love is the law, love under will.

  1. January 4, 2010 at 7:59 pm

    this is a good step, you provide some more clarity that i’ve been requesting. it seems as though thelema is all things to all people because, in a sense, it claims to be all ppl. believe in a god, good! we do too and we’re it! don’t believe in a god, we don’t either, do what you will!

    it’s an interesting hybrid you present. know thyself and ‘i think therefore i am’ seem to be central tenants. looking forward to more posts like this where you take the time to explain things.

  2. January 4, 2010 at 8:13 pm

    93 Luke – Thanks for taking the time to read my posts. Thelema may mean many things to different people, especially the mystical and other hidden mysteries, but there are definite ideas and practices associated. “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole o the Law” is the central tenet and “Know thyself” is a natural part of that. “I think therefore I am” was a statement by Descartes about the un-doubtable nature of his thought proving his existence, which has absolutley nothing to do with Thelema. We do not get bogged down in arguments about mind & matter, seeing the world as a manifestation of mind and all mind as a manifestation of matter as is convenient – this is one of those cases where Thelema does not step on the toes of science but preserves its method while maintaining the true aim of religion, unity with God.

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